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You may search for our technical reference documents by name or by common applications.  Use the category links below for a guided list of articles typically used in the field.  To quickly locate an article, type a search phrase in the search box below and press Go.  Please contact us if you need any additional information.



Metallic Area/Elastic Stretch Calculator

This calculates the metallic cross-sectional area in a rope and then uses this information to calculate elastic stretch in a rope that occurs under load.  Click here to view our Metallic Area/Elastic Stretch Calculator.

Block Stability Calculator

This determines if the reeving system in a hoist block will be stable (no block twisting) or unstable (block twisting will occur).  Click here to view our Block Stability Calculator.

Drum Capacity Calculator

This calculates how much rope of a given diameter can be spooled onto a reel of a given size.  Click here to view our Drum Capacity Calculator.

Minimum Sheave / Drum Diameter

This calculates the minimum allowable diameter of a sheave or drum for a given rope diameter and construction.  Click here to view our Minimum Sheave / Drum Diameter Calculator.

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