Making ropes since 1825
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Making Ropes Since 1825

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Offshore Oil & Gas


Focusing on synthetic ropes engineered for anchoring and mooring systems for your offshore rope systems, Oliveira is proud to offer technical support, not only during the purchasing process, but at your location as well.   

Oliveira’s production capability allows for quick delivery and ensures our product will be there on time and when you need it.  Our high-performance synthetic ropes provide operational benefits that steel ropes cannot. 

If you find you are also in the market for drill lines, ask your Oliveira Representative about our industry leading Union Wire Rope brand – we can help you select the best drill line for your rig and provide you with Union’s state of the art cut-off program to maximize service life. 

We invite you to explore what’s behind Oliveira’s hard-working oil and gas wire ropes:

Deepwater Mooring Tethers
- Corona Line DW-PET
- Corona Line DW-PET3

SPM (Single Point Mooring)
- Corona Line PA3
- Libra Line Nylon (also for deep sea towing)
- Astra Line G62 

Pick-Up Ropes
- Taurus Line 8-Strand
- Delphin Line 8-Strand 

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