Making ropes since 1825
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Making Ropes Since 1825

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Oliveira enjoys a rich history in the manufacturing of fiber and steel wire ropes in Portugal.  Founded in 1825, the company continues to grow and innovate today serving fishing, marine, crane and offshore markets around the world. 

In 2010, WireCo WorldGroup acquired Oliveira joining its family of brands which adds numerous value added products to the WireCo portfolio.  WireCo WorldGroup, a global manufacturing and technical leader in its industry, provides a consultative selling approach to offer customers a single, reliable source for solutions that fit their specific application and budget needs as well as education and expertise that enhances value.

For customers in the fishing industry, requiring longer service life and fast response, Oliveira offers globally in stock, customized products specifically tailored to the application.  In the synthetic rope market, Oliveira offers a broad portfolio of proven products that perform well and provide solid value.  For crane users seeking good performance, Oliveira offers ropes that perform above standards.

Oliveira has two industrial plants, both ISO 9001 certified.  Our Maia plant is located five minutes from Oporto's airport, produces all of our high performance steel wire ropes; the second plant is located in Paredes, approximately 35 km from Oporto, and is dedicated to the production of quality synthetic ropes. With nearly 400 highly-skilled workers, well-equipped facilities and a state-of-the-art laboratory, Oliveira continues to develop new products to meet your most demanding applications.

Oliveira is a member of the following Associations:

  • AICR (In Portugal)
  • EUROCORD (European Association of synthetic rope producers)
  • EWIRS (European Federation of Wire Rope Industries)